Shining [SWE]
(Niklas Kvarforth)
Edoardo Baldini


In 2005, after various rumors tolding of their split, Shining is back, led by Niklas Kvarforth, who demonstrates his determination in his extreme ideas.
In this interview for RockLine, he explains some aspects of their brand new album IV / The Eerie Cold, as well as some personal thoughts...

E.B. - Hello Kvarforth, let’s start with the first question: could you describe shortly the concept behind The Eerie Cold?

Kvarforth - There’s not really a concept that could tie up the entire sum of the album. What could be said is merely that this is our fourth full-length and that its darker and way more sinister than anything we have managed to produce till today. We have, with this very release, taken the Blues and Jazz influences even further and even dared to use very much metal-distanced ways of writing and playing.

E.B. - What does The Eerie Cold represent for you?

Kvarforth - Near perfection, the vast realms of this ill child of mine have never prior been portrayed with such an extreme completion.

E.B. - Why did you decide to exclude the monologue in the cd version of I Och Med Insikt Skall Du Förgå?

Kvarforth - I didn’t, Avantgarde Music did. And I think its sad as it would have really beaten the living shit out of most listeners.

E.B. - I believe the acoustic guitars give to your last album an original sound and a different depressive atmosphere. What do you think about their use in a Black Metal work?

Kvarforth - I don’t care about Black Metal and I certainly do not give a fuck if Black Metal bands use clean guitars, whistles whatever, it is not in my interest to discuss such meaningless things.

E.B. - Någonting Är Jävligt Fel is full of acoustic melodies that create a special effect, together with the female voice which starts to talk unexpectedly. Who is the girl that speaks?

Kvarforth - There is only an acoustic passage in the beginning of the track, the rest is distorted. The voice you are referring too is a sampled one of a little 13-year old girl sitting in her room together with her sister discussing various ways to kill themselves.

E.B. - What does the artwork of The Eerie Cold represent?

Kvarforth - That the ill, disturbed child who failed is always within us whatever we might do.

E.B. - Did you work with Nattefrost for the lyrics of The Eerie Cold?

Kvarforth - Yes, for Claws Of Perdition. I needed his participation as I hung a lot with him during the last years and felt that his special way of writing fucked up lyrics should have been made in honour of his favourite band, Shining.

E.B. - In your opinion, what’s your best song from The Eerie Cold?

Kvarforth - Eradication Of The Condition.

E.B. - I know that your fifth album will be released the next year and it will be called V/ Besvikelsens Destya Monotoni; can you confirm its release? And can you describe us how it will sound?

Kvarforth - Nah, we will not record it yet as we have decided to play live first with the brand new line-up, nevertheless, we’ll see. We’re aiming for an late summer release though and I believe the new tracks will be both heavier as well as more sinister and luring. We’re definitely continuing on the path we’re at now.

E.B. - It will be released for the French Osmose Production. Didn’t you have a good relationship with the Italian label Avantgarde Records?

Kvarforth - Yes, Osmose Productions is the new mother of the ill child of mine. We are not in good relations with Avantgarde Music anymore.

E.B. - How much did Hellhammer contribute to the song-writing? Is it true that Hellhammer will be replaced by Spiritual BeggarsLudvig Hvit?

Kvarforth - Kvarforth is the one writing all music and lyrics and that is the way it has always been and the way thing will forever remain, with small contributions here and there of course. Hellhammer did however come with ideas, not many appealing ones though. Hellhammer has been replaced by Witt of Spiritual Faggots, yes…

E.B. - In these years many suicidal black metal bands have born, influenced by Shining’s music; how do you feel after having listened to their albums? Do you appreciate their music?

Kvarforth - I know that many bands today are heavily influenced by Shining and try their own ways of doing this suicidal black metal thing nevertheless, in my eyes, they all fail, as they all seem to misinterpret the fact that Shining has always been about harming others, and causing others to feel anxiety while "them" is mere self-proclamation like, "Hey-look-at-me-i-am-a-worthless-little-piece-of-shit-and-i-cry-myself-tosleep-each-and-every-night-because-of-my-love-for-others" bullshit. We do not support the glorification of others, we oppose all! Fuck all clones…

E.B. - Let’s start with personal questions: what do you think of human existence?

Kvarforth - Ahahah, "what do you think"?

E.B. - What are depression and suicide for Shining? A new vision of life or its antithesis?

Kvarforth - This is exactly what I mean!!!
A new life??? Are you fucking stupid??? Life should be oppressed, neglected, and the rebuilt for further pain to come. You shall hate yourself and all amongst you, that is what we preach… If people feel like shit, are depressed whatever I wish for their lives to go on as long as possible so that they suffer as much as possible, if they on the other hand are mentally deranged and feel nothing but clouds and birthday cakes I wish them instant death. Life should be pain, pain must be glorified for the sake of evil!!!

E.B. - What are your main influences? Maybe Burzum?

Kvarforth - Absolutely not. Maybe in the past but most musical entities which have inspired the music making must be the likes of Strid, Kent, Coldplay, Muse, Bethlehem and a few more… Enough namedropping for now.

E.B. - Do you feel part of the Scandinavian paganism hymned by many Black Metal artists?

Kvarforth - Absolutely not! The love for one’s country, nationalism if you will, is love, Shining is anti-life, anti-love, anti-sympathy. In some cases though when love causes such blessings as war, rape, murder etc. then… Why not??? But in the end, nationalism is mere love, which we oppose.

E.B. - Do you believe to start playing live dates in the future or does Shining need an "elite" audience?

Kvarforth - Yes, we’re doing that right now… we have two shows in Norway in September and one gig in Paris that same month, We’ll play in Italy in October as it seems. And tour Europe in December.

E.B. - Do you have any personal project besides Shining? Could you present them?

Kvarforth - No

E.B. - I think the best way to hail you is not to hail you. You can finish the interview as you prefer.

Kvarforth - No

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